QIIB Honoured For Its Role In Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) At A Ceremony Held At Qatar University


QIIB was honoured for its distinctive role in Corporate Social Responsibility and in appreciation of its continuous initiatives and commitment to the community at a well-attended ceremony at the Qatar University (QU) recently.

QU’s College of Business and Economics partnered with the Qatar CSR Network in organising the event, which also saw the launch of the ‘CSR Report Qatar 2014’.

The event was attended by many dignitaries including HE the President of the Administrative Control and Transparency Authority, Mr Abdullah bin Hamad al-Attiyah, who was honoured as the ‘CSR Person of the Year’. Diplomats and senior officials also attended the ceremony.
Mr Ali Hamad Al-Mesaifri, Chief of Human Resources and General Services at QIIB received the honorary award from the President of Qatar University, Dr Sheikha Al Misnad during the ceremony organised for the first time with the academic partnership of Qatar University, which highlights the importance of corporate social responsibility and the need for systematically including it in the plans of all companies and institutions.

Commenting on QIIB’s honouring, on the occasion of the issuance of the third social responsibility report, Mr. Ali Al Al-Mesaifri said, “We at the QIIB are very pleased with this award, especially that it is given at an important venue at the national academic institution that we respect and appreciate a lot, one that graduated many talents and is still graduating. And this honour confirms that we at the QIIB are moving in the right direction in the area of community serving.”

He added: “We believe that social responsibility is not about slogans, but a real act that needs to be put into practice by institutions and organisations. This will have far-reaching implications on the society and help develop communities and create constructive cooperation between the various parties.”

Mr Al-Mesaifri continued, “At QIIB we believe that our first role is to serve the society by offering Islamic products and services of high quality, on appropriate and equitable terms and conditions, which will meet our customer needs and add value to them.”

“We consider ourselves responsible for developing these products and services on a permanent basis to keep pace with the growing needs of the society in general and various segments in particular. The primary focus is on productive financing, especially in the area of small and medium projects, which provide numerous opportunities for growth and are beneficial to the society.”

He noted that for long QIIB had been engaged in corporate social responsibility initiatives in Qatar. The Bank has cooperated and still is cooperating with major and active institutions engaged in community services at various spheres such as health, education, charitable and social activities, and culture and sports.

Mr Al-Mesaifri also focused on the leading role being played by QIIB in the field of human resources, especially in respect of recruiting, training, developing and placing Qataris in suitable positions within the Bank.

The two recruitment drives held by QIIB in 2013 and 2015 have seen the placement of more than 120 Qataris, both male and female, in suitable positions in the bank.

QIIB has designed comprehensive tailor-made training programmes to help new Qatari recruits properly discharge their duties, improve their skills and develop careers.

Previously, QIIB has supported schools and many educational institutions and wholeheartedly participated in their activities with a view to boost education and facilitate community and nation building.

The Bank has also supported numerous sport events, sports clubs and teams in line with its vision of supporting sports, which is a key pillar of societal development.

Finally, Mr Al-Mesaifri expressed QIIB appreciation and deep gratitude to Qatar CSR Network and Qatar University for honoring it and stressed that the Bank would continue to play its role in serving the national economy and community