QIIB launches a new upgraded version of its Online Corporate Banking Platform


Mr. Jamal al-Jamal: Technology solutions in the business sector save a lot of effort, time and cost

QIIB announced the launching of its new upgraded version of the Online Corporate Banking Platform through its website with innovative features that open wide horizons for the bank's corporate customers.

The new upgraded version of QIIB’s online corporate banking platform will help its corporate customers benefit from exceptional banking services that meet their aspirations in terms of various business solutions.

The new upgrade provides the bank's corporate customers several services and features that make banking services faster, easier and more convenient to their businesses, which often requires extreme flexibility, quick and reliable decisions and high safety and trust.

With the new upgrade launched by QIIB, the bank’s corporate customers will be able to benefit from the new features, namely the Wage Protection System (WPS), as online banking allows the transfer of employees’ salaries and financial entitlements easily and without the need to visit the bank.

It also allows customers to inquire about their accounts and balances, link and amend deposits, transfer funds between the company's accounts or transfer funds locally and internationally, request checkbooks, pay utility bills (Kahramaa and Ooredoo), submit requests for letters of credits and import guarantees, as well as other services of interest to various companies.

Commenting on the launch of the features-packed online banking portal, QIIB Deputy CEO Mr. Jamal al-Jamal said, "We strive to keep up with the latest international standards in corporate customer services and always seek to meet their aspirations and needs and create appropriate services and features for their business and projects. This is because we understand that technology solutions in the business sector save a lot of effort, time and cost”.

"QIIB Corporate online banking with its new upgrade adopts the best technological safety standards for its various channels. In this context, the bank was awarded the highest international safety certificates in safeguarding customer information and preserving the confidentiality of their data and various banking transactions. We actively invested in enhancing our leadership in the field of cyber security and were recently awarded the ISO 27001 certification, which is one of the most prestigious global certifications in the field of information security" Mr. Jamal add.

QIIB Chief of Corporate Banking Sector Sheikh Abdulaziz bin Abdullah al-Thani said

: "QIIB corporate customers will see the difference after launching the new upgraded online banking platform, as the business solutions we provide will make access to the banking services easier, more effective and suitable to all our corporate customers, whether SMEs or large companies.”