HE Sheikh Dr. Khalid bin Thani inaugurates QIIB’s new branch at Ezdan Mall- Al Wakra

  • Dr. Al Shaibei: Branches at commercial malls are a natural response to the urban development and customer needs


DOHA: HE Sheikh Dr Khalid Bin Thani bin Abdullah al-Thani, Chairman and Managing Director of QIIB, inaugurated the Bank's branch at Ezdan Mall - Al Wakra, in the presence of Board members, Dr Abdulbasit Ahmad al-Shaibei, Chief Executive Officer and senior QIIB executives, and a number of senior shareholders and customers of the bank.

Following the ribbon cutting, which marked the official launch of operations at the QIIB’s Branch in Ezdan Mall- Al Wakra, Sheikh Dr Khalid bin Thani toured the branch, where he was briefed on the state-of-the-art facilities that complement the comprehensive services being offered by QIIB.

He stressed on the importance of working towards providing the best services to customers, meeting their expectations and aspirations for distinguished banking services in line with the good reputation QIIB has earned among various segments of its rapidly growing customer base.

The new branch is located on the ground floor of Ezdan Mall- Al Wakra, at the entrance of Gate 4. The branch can be easily identified as it is located at a vantage point at Ezdan Mall- Al Wakra, which has expanded the shopping options at A Wakra, a city that is growing fast with population, both citizens and expatriates.


On the occasion of launching QIIB’s new branch, Dr. Abdulbasit Ahmad al-Shaibei stated: “It is a new milestone that reflects our expansion strategy in the local market. In this respect, we continue to focus on opening new branches at commercial malls across the nation as a natural response to the urban development and customer needs.”

 “Today we are present at several commercial malls, namely, The Mall of Qatar, Doha Festival City, City Center, Ezdan Mall Al Gharafa, and The Mall at Hilal. The inauguration of QIIB’s branch at Ezdan Mall- Al Wakra adds value to the quality of our nation-wide branch network. Our customers in Al Wakra and the suburbs will be able to avail of any required banking services during the extended business hours, in two shifts - morning and evening, and during the weekends, even as they shop or receive other services at Ezdan Mall- Al Wakra,” Dr al-Shaibei noted.

The CEO stated, “The growing demand and appetite for our services, the growth in our customer base and the development of our products and services, motivate us every day to improve our response to client’s requirements and meet their expectations. As we do this, we are also reminded of the competition in the local banking landscape. But we consider this as an incentive to develop the services in a manner that is appropriate to guarantee better market share for us.”

Dr al-Shaibei pointed out that QIIB’s nationwide branch network has seen a restructuring over the last few years as part of a development strategy. At the same time we are at the forefront of innovation and adaptation of modern technology in delivering banking products and services to our valuable clients. The development of alternate channels, which are considered as virtual branches, enable our customers to execute the majority of banking transactions without the need to actually visit the Bank’s branches.”

In this respect, the CEO noted that “QIIB has invested heavily in developing its alternative channels, namely mobile banking, telebanking, online banking, call center and the ATMs network, which are technologically upgraded on a constant basis. Our customers have positively responded to this development and the ease with which they can execute banking transactions at their convenience. We will continue to adopt any development in the banking sector for the purpose of enhancing our competitiveness and serving our customers more efficiently.”

Dr al-Shaibei emphasized that “The staff chosen to work at the new branch at Ezdan Mall - Al Wakra are highly qualified and experienced as is the case with our staff in other branches.  We promise our customers that the staff, who will serve them, will be able to meet their needs according to the best banking practices and standards benchmarked in the banking sector.”

QIIB’s Branch at Ezdan Mall- Al Wakra functions from Saturday to Thursday, in two shifts; the morning shift is from 9 am to 2-30 pm and the evening shift from 3-30 pm to 9 pm.

On Fridays, the branch will operate from 4 pm to 9 pm.