THIMUN Qatar Conference

  • Within the framework of its corporate social responsibility initiative, QIIB continues to support Qatar Academy students’ regarding THIMUN Qatar Conference recently held in Doha
  • Al-Shaibei: “Doha is an international hub and a beacon of education, knowledge and cultural exchange”

DOHA: QIIB recently welcomed students from the Lebawi International Academy at Addis Ababa, Ethiopia as part of the Bank's sponsorship of an initiative undertaken by Qatar Academy’ students to help flying student members of the MUN club (Model United Nations) to Doha to attend THIMUN Qatar Conference from January 22 to January 25.

QIIB Chief Executive Officer Dr. Abdulbasit Ahmad al-Shaibei met with the Ethiopian students, accompanying teachers and their fellow Qatari students who invited them to the THIMUN Conference.

He welcomed them to QIIB and expressed the bank’s appreciation of the outstanding initiatives taken by students from various Qatari schools, which, through the THIMUN conference initiative, extended beyond the local framework to the international framework.

After giving a brief about QIIB, its success in the local market and its contribution to the Qatari economy, the CEO affirmed that the Bank was keen to play an active role in education and lead initiatives that raise the name of Qatar high and give it exposure at various international forums.

He said, “Doha has become an international hub and a beacon of education, knowledge and cultural exchange between nations and populations. The mere mention of Qatar’s name is a source of admiration and distinction. We are happy today, at QIIB, to welcome the Ethiopian students with their Qatari colleagues who are building bridges of interaction, cooperation and brotherhood between Qatar and Ethiopia”.

Dr Al-Shaibei noted, “At QIIB, we seek to strongly and effectively support our students, contribute to their experiences and their future careers as the development of the society is linked to the development of education, skills and knowledge acquired by students at various stages of their education. We also strive to help them utilise their ability to translate this knowledge into making contributions and achievements in their careers”.

During the students' visit, an open dialogue session was held on banking and Islamic banking, different professional and educational paths, cooperation and interaction between civilizations and populations and the importance of strengthening ties and cooperation between different cultures so as to enhance the great human values and principles”.

The students of Lebawi International Academy and their accompanying teachers expressed their deep thanks and gratitude to QIIB for its support of Qatar Academy initiative which allowed them to visit Qatar and learn about the remarkable progress witnessed in all fields.

They stressed on the fact that their experiences and impressions of Doha are very great and beyond their expectations. They were also grateful to what they witnessed during their participation at THIMUN Qatar, which was a wonderful opportunity to learn in a country that respects science and builds platforms and scientific edifices.

It is worth mentioning that Qatar Academy’s initiative, which was supported by QIIB, was initiated by a team of outstanding students at the Academy (Ahmad al-Nuaimi, Shouq al-Tamimi, Aisha al-Mansouri, Sama Ayoub and Berkriti Tandon), who traveled to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, in October last year, to train the Lebawi Academy’s students to participate in THIMUN Qatar and help MUN Club at the Lebawi Academy to participate in the conference and organise future conferences.