QIIB conducts an evacuation drill at its main branch on Grand Hamad Street


Within the framework of its emergency response plan and as a reinforcement of its safety and security standards, QIIB conducted an emergency evacuation drill at its main branch on Grand Hamad Street, enacting a virtual fire scenario in the presence of the Civil Defense and Emergency Medical Service personnel.

The drill simulated all the procedures that should be followed during fires. These included the launching of fire alarms to the evacuation of employees working in the building as per the safety and security protocols established and approved by the bank, on which the emergency response team was trained and which were notified to all employees as permanent safety and prevention measures.

QIIB staff entrusted with the implementation of security and safety procedures carried out the evacuation plan and implemented the instructions they were trained to perform, as specified to each one of them.

They supervised the evacuation operations inside the building by guiding employees to the emergency exit, making sure they used the allocated routes, stopping elevators, and directing employees to predetermined assembly points for emergencies as well as ensuring the evacuation of all personnel from their offices and departments after sounding the fire alarms.

On the occasion, Mr. Ibrahim al-Tamimi, QIIB Head (Administrative Services) commented and said, "It was a useful drill and an essential security and safety procedure that we are keen to carry out periodically to ensure our readiness for emergencies in case of occurrence, God forbids”.

He added: "This drill proves that our staff members are very well aware of the dangers, as they showed a quick and organised response. It also reflects the active and effective cooperation among the bank’s staff at all levels, whether among the security and safety team or employees themselves and the various departments and sections concerned."

He noted: “Such emergency drills are an important part of our risk management process. We are happy to say that all drills conducted in terms of risk management prove our advancement and keenness to achieve more in this field".

Al-Tamimi added that: "In addition to the training and information we provide and the various drills that we conduct in all QIIB buildings, we are keen to provide all security and safety equipment to prepare for and prevent any dangers or sudden events.

The bank's buildings are equipped with fire alarms, emergency exits, fire extinguishers and signage in all the corridors indicating the closest exits to the occupants of the building, in line with the best international standards”.

Al-Tamimi thanked the members of the Civil Defense and Emergency Medical Service personnel who participated in the drill. He also thanked QIIB security and safety team and all employees who were present at the bank and carried out the evacuation procedures as per the directions and instructions that were given to them, which confirms the Bank’s readiness to deal with potential emergencies.