QIIB wins ‘Best Islamic Bank Award in Qatar in Liquidity’


Mr Jamal al-Jamal: Our leadership extends to a number of areas including liquidity


QIIB  has won the "Best Bank in Qatar Award in Liquidity" at the 7th Banking Summit (New Age Banking Summit), which was held in Doha on September 18 and attended by a large number of senior banking and finance industry professionals from Qatar and abroad.

Mr. Omar Abdulaziz al-Meer, Chief of business development at QIIB, received the award during the summit, which was organised in cooperation with Qatar Central Bank (QCB) and Qatar Financial Centre Regulatory Authority (QFCRA).

The award was presented to QIIB based on the research prepared by Gulf Baader Capital Markets (GBCM), an investment services company, regarding liquidity in various Qatari banks based on some 15 different financial criteria.

The research showed that QIIB has done well in terms of liquidity and deserves the award in the category.

Commenting on QIIB’s award win, Mr Jamal al-Jamal, QIIB Deputy CEO said, "We are very pleased that our strategic steps have succeeded in further strengthening our financial position and leadership in many areas, including liquidity. We are certainly aiming for much more and working in accordance with our plans to enhance our position and increase our presence".

"We are part of the Qatari banking sector, which has proven according to all experts, to be a successful, dynamic and efficient sector capable of overcoming all challenges and achieving growth rates that are the best in the region, while maintaining at the same time a high level of effective cooperation with all economic sectors in the country in order to finance various projects and increase economic growth rates", he added.

Mr Al-Jamal pointed out that in the past few years, QIIB made continual leaps in most of its budget items and has achieved stable growth rates. It aspires and works to achieve more by focusing on the local market and financing various projects, whether they are large, small or medium. The Bank was able to obtain the best credit ratings, which confirmed the strength of its financial position".

Mr Al-Jamal expressed confidence that "QIIB will continue its successful journey and effective  contribution to the Qatari economy, achieving the best returns for shareholders and the best innovative services and products, for both individual and corporate customers".

QIIB was established in 1990 as the second Islamic bank in Qatar and is currently the third largest Islamic bank in terms of assets and market value.

The bank began operating in 1991 and is listed on the Qatar Stock Exchange. It provides integrated banking services to its customers through a network of branches across Qatar and has several regional and international partnerships.