QIIB supports Sidra Medicine in Autism Spectrum Disorder Research Project


Dr. Al-Shaibei: “We are honoured to serve our community and provide support to a prestigious institution like Sidra Medicine.”


Dr. Abdulbasit Ahmed Al-Shaibei, Qatar International Islamic Bank (QIIB) Chief Executive Officer and Peter Morris, Sidra Medicine’s Chief Executive Officer, signed an agreement under which QIIB will co-sponsor a specialized research program aimed at creating a long-term National Resource for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) research. 

The agreement between QIIB and Sidra Medicine provides funding for the BARAKA-Qatar study, which will support the diagnosis, therapy and treatment for children with ASD in Qatar. The study will also become a benchmark for ASD research regionally and globally.

The signing ceremony held at the QIIB Headquarters at the Grand Hamad Street, was attended by Mr. Jamal Abdullah al-Jamal, Deputy CEO; while the Sidra Delegation included Dr. Khalid Fakhro, Director of Human Genetics (who is leading the BARAKA-Qatar study),  and Prof. Christof von Kalle, Chief Research Officer.

Commenting on the support provided by QIIB to Sidra Medicine, QIIB Chief Executive Officer Dr. Abdulbasit Ahmed al-Shaibei said, "We are honored to serve our community and provide support to a prestigious institution like Sidra Medicine. It is a leader in our health sector, as it provides specialist high quality medical services to patients who truly need them".

He added: "QIIB’s support for research on autism reflects its strong belief in the partnership between for-profit and non-profit organisations. The ultimate objective is to develop the society and provide added value that serves the largest possible segment and achieves the best development results".

Dr. Al-Shaibei affirmed that: "QIIB’s commitment and belief in QNV 2030 prompted it to adopt many qualitative initiatives that are much needed for the community. There is no doubt that the health sector and its advancement are common goals for all of us; thus we seek to support these along with other initiatives namely in education and sports, charitable activities and other events that serve the community. "

Peter Morris, Chief Executive Officer of Sidra Medicine said: “We are delighted that QIIB, under the leadership of Dr. Abdulbasit Ahmed Al-Shaibei, has extended its support to co-fund the BARAKA study. Our partnership is a wonderful example of collaboration to support research and discovery, in this case, helping children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The study will take us further in our journey to personalized medicine for our patients.”

Dr. Khalid Fakhro, Director of Human Genetics at Sidra Medicine said: “Our goal with the BARAKA study is to build a national resource that will help children with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Qatar. Once complete, we hope that the resource will form the foundation to discovering new treatments to improve the lives of children with the condition in Qatar and the rest of the world. Such ambitious projects require partnership and collaboration with stakeholders in medicine, research and the private sector. On behalf of the team who will be working on the study and the families who we aim to help, I am very grateful for the support of organizations like QIIB in co-funding projects that will help advance personalized healthcare for the people of Qatar.”

Dr. Al-Shaibei called upon various private financial institutions to adopt more important initiatives, especially in health and education, as the development of the society is based on partnership, cooperation and belief. He concluded by stating: “Society plays a key role advancing a country and we must perform our duty in various fields and give back to the community.”